Hypnosis and why its the way forward

Today i want to talk more about hypnosis, hypnosis is a relatively niche subject and one that people often dismiss. There are many people who assume that hypnosis is mind control, this is due to stage hypnosis leading people to believe that they are to be controlled rather than giving them the power to heal themselves.

Hypnosis is not mind control, nor is it a way for a therapist to gain access to your deepest darkest secrets. For to long it has been deemed that this therapy is waving watches, and making you pretend that your a chicken.

But ultimately hypnosis is more self hypnosis, it is a deeply relaxed state of mind that allows your subconscious mind to come to the forefront. The therapist is ultimately there to allow you the best possible experience, and add in the suggestions where they are needed.

But not everyone is a great hypnotic subject, there are those of us who no matter what will not allow themselves to be hypnotised. Either through fear or from their analytical brain refusing to move over.

As a therapist the first thing we need to do is establish weather or not we can help the client, it can often be the case that we cannot. So we perform a quick and easy method to watch how the client responds, we also need to establish the clients representational system.

In easy terms this means that everyone sees the world around them differently, there are those that are more audio based and use sounds to navigate how they see the world. There are those that are more visual, and then you have those who are more emotions based. Without first ascertaining which the client is, it can prove rather difficult to help them.

So why would someone choose hypnosis? It can be for a number of reasons, their are those that prefer a less invasive form of treatment and then those that have run out of options. As a therapist i always try to make sure the client has done everything possible before proceeding with therapy, i never like to mislead or tell clients that hypnosis is the only option they have left.

My bank balance would prefer me to do this, but for me i want to make sure the client is aware of any other options and for hypnosis to work they have to be 100% committed. Some say i am too ethical in my approach that i talk myself out of business, but for me its about making sure its right for the client and ensuring i am not charging the earth.

Some therapists out there are charging upto £85 per hour session, to me this is robbery and most of the time they may have taken that client on knowing they cant help but fancy the £85 more. I want to do the nest quality of work i can, at a price i know people can afford.

So why is hypnosis the way forward? So many people refuse to accept alternative methods of treatment. But as a society we have forgotten the history of medicine and that most forms of alternative medicine have been around for thousands of years.

Shaman’s are a good example of this – they have been practising hypnosis type treatments for millennia yet to modern society its all about tablets. I am not medically trained and therefore have to agree that yes modern medicine is making us all live longer, but i do feel that so many people could have long lasting effects using alternative medicine.

Anxiety and stress are the perfect example, we cant cure stress or anxiety with hypnosis. But we can teach you how to relax, and let yourself be free from your worries. A way to quieten your mind, and focus in on yourself and how you feel. We are able to allow you to look deep inside yourself, and find the root cause of you’re issues so you can understand yourself better.

This is how we ‘cure’ you – but ultimately you cure yourself hypnosis is just an aide to allow you to centre yourself and look inwards rather than outwards. Hypnosis is about empowerment and gives you the ability to take control of yourself, and your life.

As alternative medicine becomes more popular i do believe that in time more and more people will realise the benefits, but until the stigma of stage hypnosis is removed we have a long way to go to releasing those fears from people. That is why i offer a taster session, so people really can see they are in control.



Free weekly download

Another free weekly download, this week’s download is beginner crystals and their uses. If your a spiritual person it is more than likely you have a crystal collection, but when it comes to crystals it can be a bit of a mine field.

So I’ve put together a short 2 page guide, with essential starter crystals and their uses. It is always a good idea to have some starter crystals, with all round uses so i hope this can help you on your journey to a well rounded collection.

You can find the free download here, scroll to the bottom of the page to the free downloads section.

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Being an Empath – A gift or curse?

Today’s subject is that of being an empath -this is something that i find a rather interesting subject.

As someone who naturally refers to themselves as an empath, i often wonder if it is a gift or a curse. I’ve always been really sensitive with my emotions especially when around other people, but i always put it down to being an overly sensitive person.

I never really understood my ability to feel others emotions as if they were my own, i mean we all feel others feelings to a certain degree such as grief and loss. But to feel others emotions as if they are your own is a strange experience and one that at times can be a right royal pain.

Sometimes it goes far beyond feeling the emotions, and sometimes you can if you have a cord connection with someone also feel their pain. i can recall recently my mum being i great deals of pain with a back injury that led to an operation. I spent so much time around her i was suffering with physical back pain.

Being an empath you are able to physically feel the energy field about people, animals and even places. Empaths are naturally inquisitive people, ones who seek knowledge and understand the world around them on a much deeper level. So could you be an emapth? And how would you know how to spot one? Here are a few traits of an empath;

  • Inner Knowing – Empath’s have the ability of inner knowing, they just know certain things without being told.  It is not the kind of knowing led by intuition, it is on a much deeper level than this.


  • Being overwhelmed in public places – Empaths do not tend to do well in public places, they can find it quite overwhelming and uncomfortable. This is due to the vast amounts of energy they are exposed to, this is especially hard for those who have not learnt energy management.


  • Taking on others emotions as their own – This is where an empath can physically feel the emotions as if they are their own, it is a much stronger connection to what i would call natural empathy.


  • Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy – An empath struggles to watch things like the news, especially negative news. The negativity can leave them feeling drained and often emotionally upset.


  • Constant fatigue – It is highly common for an empath to feel constantly drained and fatigued, this is due to the such high demand on their own energy fields.


  • Naturally spiritual – Empath’s are naturally drawn to spirituality, they are often the kinds that work in the spiritual field or who seek alternative medicine.

These are but a few symptoms of an empath, an empath is like a spiritual sponge. Soaking up the energy in and around them on a daily basis, and often without proper management this ability can leave them quite ill from energy depletion. Someone who does not learn to protect and shield their energy can often struggle with illnesses both physical and mental, as they are unable to control how much energy they let in and out.

So some say it’s a gift, yet for someone who does not understand what is happening to them this can seem like quite the curse. Even the most clued up empath can struggle to manage their own energy, it can take time to learn and remember to protect yourself every day.

So if you think you may be an empath, then now would be the time to look how to protect and shield yourself. Remember your personal energy is as important as everyone else’s, and the more you learn to maintain it the easier and better you will feel.


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Aura Protection – Free download

Today’s post comes to you with goodies, i have written a quick guide to aura cleansing and protecting. I like to pass on my knowledge using helpful hints and tips, to those who are interested or wanting to learn more about spirituality.

My guide shows you tips on how to cleanse and protect your aura should you need to, its a quick simple 3 page guide completely free for you to access. Simply use the link below to head over to my website, the link will take you to the blog page. Simply scroll down to the bottom and find the free downloads section.

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Crystal Healing- What it can do for you?

As the ever expanding world of alternative medicine moves forward, people are looking for alternative ways in which to find healing. It is a subject that only the spiritual and open minded would dare to discuss, you mention crystal healing to some people and they really look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

The truth is crystal healing has been around for thousands of years, it is one of those things that have faded into the background along with most superstitions. Yet it is becoming more popular with the new age starting to come to the forefront of business, admittedly it still isn’t mainstream but more and more people are considering alternative options.

Crystals have been in my life since a young child, my Nan being a very spiritual person first showed me crystals and as a child i used to love the different shapes and colours. Admittedly over the years and as i grew older this fascination fell to the back of my mind, as do most things you enjoy as a child.

So what can they do for you? Well crystals can and do heal most ailments, some as simple as placing on the body during a healing session some using crystal elixirs. As a healer i can realign your bodies energy field, and direct negative energy out and positive energy in. Its a bit like a full body detox, out with the old and in with the new.

So what is this energy field? Each one of us has an aura, our own personal energy field. You may of heard of people who can naturally see the aura, and those who can feel the energy rather than see it. Everyone is capable of seeing aura, it takes time and practice but it can be done.

When healing i tend to go from the senses in my hands, i can feel the sudden change in energy and pick up on anything that may seem blocked or a little out of place. Healing is something that feels odd to me, when i start i get the instant heat in my hands this is a sign to me that i am ready to start the session. Once i have grounded and protected myself, then i can continue to work with the client.

Using the heat in  my hands and placing them over the body or crystals i am able to alter this energy field, and i use crystals as a kind of conduit for the healing. They help aid in the healing process as they hold there own energy field called the piezoelectric effect, now this sounds crazy but it has been scientifically proven that crystals have an energy field of their own. This energy field is also able to change and alter your own energy field, simply by placing them on or around your body.

As a crystal healer i rely on this energy field to help alter the clients energy field, this can unblock or realign the bodies energy. We can also use crystals to ‘comb’ the aura, a bit like a whole body sweep to release and free the aura from from any trapped energy especially negative.

So crystals can be used for a multiple amount of ailments, and they truly can give you the boost you need.

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Past Life Regression – My thoughts?

So here i am as a qualified practitioner – so why did i choose this path?

Well i chose it because it is something i believe in and something that i feel has a real benefit to peoples lives, this kind of work is more a calling than a choice you make early on in life. As a naturally spiritual person i knew there had to be more for me, and i knew that i wanted to help people heal.

It is often a subject that is frowned upon, and one that comes with the pros and cons and the line of work not many people see as credible. So why did i choose it? Well because it has been a passion, and an interest of mine for many years.

I truly believe that what i am doing really does help people on so many levels, physically, emotionally and something that can help them in everyday life. The stories are always fascinating and i look forward to seeing what that person can discover about themselves.

So how does regression therapy help others you might ask? Well it can help clients to relive and release emotions and memories linked to a past life, in some ways in this life we hold onto things that we really have no idea where they come from or why we cant seem to break that habit.

If you look deeper into your mind you will be surprised how much your brain holds onto, and regression therapy can be a way to release that particular habit and set it free enabling you to move on this is lifetime.

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Just an ordinary girl?

Today’s session was with a client whom again i know quite well, we have done previous weight loss work so i knew the client would take well to hypnosis. Again since she has been before we had a small pre talk, as this was her first past life regression session just to talk over the structure of her session and what to expect.

It is always nice to see a client who is exited about the possibility of discovering something new, this is why i love this part of my job so much. It opens up the mind, and it is always exiting to see what comes out at the end.

With this client i know she takes a little longer to relax when doing hypnosis, so before i start with an induction i always do a deep relaxation script. This just allows her to settle a little better, and gives a better chance for her to slip into a trance. I do feel she has the tendency to allow her conscious mind to over think, so i have to ensure she is further relaxed than most clients. Especially during past life regression, its important to know the client in this way to avoid any blockages further down the session,

So i began with the deep relaxation script, this is a normal length script that just focus’ in on her allowing her whole body to relax. Then i moved onto the induction script, the lake one is one that the client seemed to navigate towards so we went with this one. My approach to hypnosis may be different to other therapists, i always ask the client which kind of induction they would prefer. The meaning of this is that a client is more likely to relax if they can feel an affinity to a script, its no good choosing a lake script for someone who does not enjoy being around water. Or a garden script for someone who hates gardening, this i feel also allows the client to feel part of the session and what to expect and helps dispel the myth i may put some kind of spell on them.

So i made my way through the scripts, until i had reached the end of the induction, then this is the part where i ask the client to imagine a safe place. A place in their mind where they feel totally relaxed and safe, it doesn’t have to be a real place just somewhere they feel they can retreat too if they need to. Once that was complete i moved onto the deepener, this was a cascading waterfall one which the client had chosen.

Before we begin any regression it is always important to protect the aura, so we do an auric protection script. This is a basic script where the client imagines that they are a white light, its a lovely script and one that i quite enjoy reading. Then after that was complete by this point im looking for signs that this client was in a state of trance, now normally you can check with this ideomotor signalling but it isn’t something i really feel is necessary. It can be beneficial but with this client she was showing signs of being under hypnosis, her shoulders had sunk and she was breathing deep and slow, her head had dropped to the sight slightly so i was sure she was relaxed enough to continue. By the time i had reached the protection script the client had been under for quite a while at this point, so i did not feel the need to check.

So again another rule of thumb is to ask the subconscious mind weather it is ok to continue with regression, this can be a spoken answer or sometimes just a nod of the head is normally sufficient. The client agreed in a quiet and slow tone of voice after a small amount of hesitation, so we continued on with the regression i use the rainbow regressions script as i feel it has a really nice visual touch and these are the findings;

Me: Drawing your attention to your feet now, explain to me what you see?

Client: I’m wearing sandals

Me: Describe the sandals to me? Do your feet feel male or female? Young or old?

Client: They are brown leather sandals, the leather is like rope. I’m female, i’m not old im young

Me: How old do you feel as this other you?

Client: I’m 20, i am in my late teens.

Me: Focusing in on yourself now, just look up your body and explain to me what you see?

Client: Im wearing a dress, with sandals?

Me: And can you tell me your name?

Client: Katara

Me: Focusing in on you, How do you feel as this other you? How does Katara feel at this moment in time?

Client: Confused

Me: Why are you confused?

Client: I don’t know what is happening

Me: And where are you right now? Do you know where you live?

Client: I live in a house, a white house.

Me: So explain to me what can you see, take a good look around and describe to me where you are?

Client: i can see marble pillars, quarters we have quarters and a kitchen.

Me: Is this where you live?

Client: Yes, i live here but its not home. I work here.

Me: What do you do?

Client: I work in the kitchens, i’m a cook.

The script moves onto another memory now…

Me: Describe to me where you are now? What are you seeing?

Client: I’m at a market, i can see stalls, lots of stalls. But its panic people are running, i can see a storm coming the air is really thick. Everyone is panicking.

Me: Are you alone?

Client: No i’m with a girl

Me: Do you know who the girl is?

Client: Yes, my sister, my work sister. I have to get her back to safety, I’m confused and i need to get back to the house. Everyone is running, no one knows what to do.

Me: OK, just step back from that memory for a moment, your safe and secure take a deep breath and just watch the scene with no attachment or emotions. You are simply watching this memory, and your complete safe here. What are you doing now?

Client: We are safe now at the house, its calmer now.

Me: Ok, moving on in this lifetime can you tell me a happy time in this lifetime. What is one of the happiest memories you have in this lifetime? Describe to me where you are now?

Client: I’m at a dance, its a barn dance. There is some kind of fair outside, with lots of stalls. It’s a celebration, i have my boots and big skirt on.

Me: OK, that’s great sounds like fun? Are you with anyone?

Client: No, i’m outside. The sky is beautiful, i’ve just seen a shooting star.

Me: Ok, and how do you feel in this lifetime, and this particular time?

Client: I’m happy, and at peace here.

Me: So can you describe why this moment was a happy one?

Client: Its a celebration full of fun, its a fair and i’m having a really good time. There are lots of people all laughing, i feel happy here.

Me: OK, well you can bring those feelings of happiness with you as we continue. Did you have any ambitions in this lifetime?

Client: Yes food, beautiful and sweet food. I wanted to be a cook, and produce lots of cakes, big towers of cakes. I want my own stall so i can sell  my cakes to people.

Me: Did you fullfill these ambitions?

Client: Yes, i am a cook.

Me: Moving forward to another moment in this lifetime, your out in the country somewhere – look around and tell me what you see?

Client- It’s very bright! Really bright, i can see the grass and picnics. There are lots of people having a picnic.

Me: Ok, and who are these people? Do you know them?

Client? Yes, they are the village. They are all here to celebrate

Me: And what are they celebrating?

Client: It’s the 4th July, there are balloons and lots of people.

Me: So can you tell me what country you live in?

Client? Yes, america i live in california

Me: And do you know the year?

Client: Yes its the year 1800, were celebrating 4th July.

Me: And what else can you see?

Client: I’m watching all the people have their picnic, but i’m not allowed its not my picnic.

Me: And why are you not aloud?

Client: Because its not for me, its for them. I am working and helping.

Me: Ok, that’s good now moving forward without any pain or negative feelings, you can leave those negative feelings behind as they no longer serve you in your present lifetime. Moving forward now i want you to take a nice deep breath, and move forward to a time when something bad happened to you. Describe to me what you see?

Client- Rubble and fire, a massive fire. It’s dark and filled with smoke. I can hear people trying to put it out. I’m covered in cuts, and my skin is black from the smoke.

Me: Do you know where you are?

Client: Yes, at home but its not my own. It was suppose to be my home. But we have been targeted, i wasn’t suppose to be here. I was suppose to be hiding.

Me: Hiding from  who?

Client: I don’t know, i wasn’t suppose to be here.

The client seemed to be stuck at this point so i moved the regression on, the client was struggling to make sense of what was happening.

Me: So just draw your focus on your feet again, and just leave that memory behind. Can you tell me your beliefs in this lifetime?

Client: To be free, i wanted to be free. I want to have no more ropes, i dont want to be in a box i just want to be free.

Me: Ok, and if you was free, fully and completely as you imagine it, then what would you have that is more important?

Client: Independance

Me: And if you was independent, fully and completely as you imagine it, then what would you have that is more important?

Client: Stability

Me: And if you had stability, fully and completely as you imagine it, then what would you have that is more important?

Client: A better life

Me: And if you had a better life, fully and completely as you imagine it, then what would you have that is more important?

Client: more money and freedom to do the things i want to do.

Me: That’s great now i want you to imagine that feeling of a better life, and carry it with you. Knowing that you can tap into that feeling whenever you feel you need direction, you will know that you can have a better life if you wish it to be. But you must have commitment and dedication, only then can you have the life you deserve. So as we move forward in this past lifetime i want you to imagine yourself taking your last breaths. Tell me how old are you in this lifetime?

Client: i’m not very old, i feel about 40


Me: Ok, so describe to me exactly whats happening in this scene?

Client: I’m surrounded by water, i think im drowning.

Me: Ok without any fear or worry, just remember you are merely viewing this scene from the side. You wont feel any pain or discomfort, explain to me exactly whats happening? Where are you?

Client: I’m in a swimming pool, and i think i fell in. I feel like i cant breathe like im swallowing water.

Me: Are you alone?

Client: Yes, im alone noone is here.

Me: Are you ready to leave this body?

Client: Yes i am ready, it’s my time. It was meant to be.

Me: So when your ready i want you to feel your consciousness rising towards the light – is anyone waiting for you?

Client: Yes, a man, he’s been waiting for me.

Me: Do you recognise this man?

Client: Yes, it’s jack he said i’ve done well in this lifetime, and i’m ready to enter another life now. But i have to wait, my new life time isn’t ready for me yet.

Me: And describe to me what you and Jack are doing?

Client: He has a box, he said i must not look in the box because its not ready yet. I think hes assigning me a new lifetime? But i have to wait, he said i can not see inside the box.

Me: Ok, do you want to look in the box?

Client: Yes, but i know i must not.

Me: And how do you feel about that?

Client: I’m happy and ready, i’m at some alter with Jack, there are lots of people. We are waiting for our new lifetime. But it isnt ready yet.

Me: Ok, well moving forwards looking back on that lifetime what did you achieve?

Client- I achieved my goal, to be someone and do what i wanted to do.

Me: Was there anyone in that lifetime you recognise now?

Client- No, but they were familiar faces but noone i know.

Me: Was it a good life?

Client: Yes, yes it was i did what i needed to do.

Me: And what was that?

Client- To be free, to be free and be what i wanted to be.

Me: How do you feel now?

Client: Something is being hidden, i was not told. But i accepted it and progressed, in that lifetime. So i did what i had to do.

Me: Do you know what you wasn’t told?

Client: No, jack said i must never find out. And its ok, im ready to move into my new life now.

Me: Ok, thats great so any happy feelings in that lifetime you can bring forward into this one, and as you do so any negative and unhappy memories you can leave behind to help you  move forward in this present lifetime. Those negative memories no longer serve you, and it feels great to finally let them go. As i count you out bring your attention back to this lifetime now, leaving behind any negative feelings or emotions.

One, two, three coming back now, four eyes beginning to flicker, and five back to this present lifetime, feeling fresh and relaxed.

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